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Updated: Apr 15, 2019

Many thanks Lisa Grant for the below helpful aid!

KHBP - Keep head below parapet

NSIFUA - Nod sagely in the face of unknown acronyms

NAFW - Never admit to free weekend

LBHBC - Look busy and hope all becomes clear

CNIM - curry night in the mess

RSBA - Race to secure the best accommodation

CAP5M - Change all the plans in 5 minutes

WSBK - Who’s seen the billet keys.

And the secondary acronyms

YGKMR?! -You gave keys to Major Reynolds?!

Y4k? - Why are there 4 kettles?

KHT - Kettle handling test

SVWS - The stores van won’t start

WFSVKS? - Who forgot the stores van kill switch?

NSMR - Never shop with Major Reynolds

DWRNG? - Do we really need a gazebo?

SP - A small party (users advised to expect the more commonplace ME, Massive event)

PHO - Persuaded to help out

And the gold standard sub sector acronym

FPHO - Female persuaded to help out

And finally the critical acronym

200CC - 200 cadets and counting

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