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Brompton Barrack Visit Tips

Cadet Open Day Brompton 15 th May 2019

Tips for repeat visits

It’s a fantastic day for the cadets- very hands on. Have the list oversubscribed if possible so you have reserves in case of last minute drop outs- it’s a shame not to use every slot.

Clothing- The cadets have to take a change of clothes but just leave it on the minibus rather than carrying round and just take water bottles. Spare clothes are only needed if they get wet in the boat task but it’s very unlikely.

Loos- Ladies loos at Brompton are like four leafed clovers- they do exist but you have to search hard. If you have any downtime when the cadets are sitting round, encourage bathroom trips. We waited around 30 minutes at the end for 2 cadets to queue for the ONE ladies loo in the main building and annoyingly we had been sitting around before waiting for the other minibuses to get back.

Lisa Grant

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