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Cadets Branch Monthly Digest – April 2019

Cadets Branch Monthly Digest – April 2019

Cadets Branch Monthly Digest – April 2019

Cadets Branch Monthly Digests are designed to provide short summaries of key announcements, headlines, publications and notes with links to further sources of information where these are available. They are also designed to improve wider Cadet Force volunteer awareness of events and changes over the period. These are published regularly on the Cadets Briefing Notes and Monthly Digests page of the Defence Gateway as well as through the regional chain to CCF contingents and ACF counties. Starting this month, the Cadets Branch Monthly Digest is also being e-mailed to CFAV Armymail and Cadetmail accounts.

Headlines · Safeguarding annual refresher training package for 2019/2020. The revised annual refresher package for 2019/2020 was published on 2 April. CFAVs in the CCF Army Section (less those who are teachers in the school) and ACF who have already completed the induction package are required to complete this refresher training annually. This is available on the Safeguarding and Child Protection page on the Defence Gateway.

· Revised CFAV ID Card form. A revised version of the CFAV ID Card form was published on 25 April on the Cadet Forces Resource Centre and should now be used for all new and replacement card applications. Applications made using older versions of this form will not be accepted from 1 June. Applications must be made in the usual way, through contingent and county HQs.

· The CCF Annual Assurance Report. The Annual Assurance Report (AAR) process becomes fully functional from 31 August 2019. An e-mail warning order was sent to all RPOC HQs on 12 April 2019 for cascading to CCF contingents and those involved in supporting the role out of AAR.

· Duke of Edinburgh’s Award Newsletters. The monthly newsletter for the Duke of Edinburgh’s Award in the ACF are now being published on the Defence Gateway in addition to the direct e-mail to CFAVs. The May 2019 Newsletter edition is now available on the DofE page on the Cadet Forces Resource Centre, and more information can be sought from Liz Green, DofE Development Manager for the ACF (

· New appointments. Three new appointments to HQ Regional Command Cadets Branch and the Cadet Training Centre, Frimley Park took up their roles this month. In Cadets Branch, Lt Col Al Lackey took over in the role of SO1 CCF Army this month following the departure of Lt Col Alistair Mack in early January, and WO1 Daniel Broadhurst took up the role of WO1 Training Assurance. At the Cadet Training Centre, Lt Col Bryon Brotherton took up the post of Commandant at the start of April. All three will be visiting CCF contingents, ACF counties and RPOC teams across the country over the next few months.

· New website for the Council for Cadet Rifle Shooting website. The CCRS has launched their new website at The new site will allow users to easily see news, events, competitions and results. This will also enable easier entry to competitions and pay entry fees online.

Publications This section will list all Regulations Amendments Notes (RANs), Cadet Briefing Notes (CBNs) and other major documents published each period, along with links to those documents on the Defence Gateway.

· AC 14233 – The Army Cadet Force Regulations. No RANs were published this month. The online version of the ACF Regulations can be accessed on the Cadet Forces Resource Centre on the Defence Gateway.

· Cadet Briefing Notes. Cadets Briefing Notes (CBNs) are published routinely and cover topics of interest to CFAVs. CBNs published this month are: · CBN 19/009 - Use of eRASP in the Army Cadets. Published on 1 April 2019, this note provides guidance to those planning training and the use of eRASPs. · CBN 19/010 – Posing role opportunities on the Defence Gateway. Published on 26 April 2019, this note provides direction and guidance on how volunteer role opportunities as well as jobs within the cadet forces can be posted on the Defence Gateway. · CBN 19/011 – STEM Challenge 2019. Published on 29 April 2019, this note provides information on how cadets and CFAVs can apply to take part in the STEM Challenge 2019 ta king place in Wiltshire at the end of October.

· Westminster Updates. Westminster Updates (WUs) are published routinely detailing what new and improved features have been implemented over the last month. The update will also include details of bug-fixes and training support. Westminster updates published this period are: · WU 19/002 - Westminster Update April 2019. Published on 4 April 2019 this update focuses on the Westminster Release 2.32.0. · WU 19/003 – Westminster Update May 2019. Published on 2 May 2019 this update focuses on the Westminster Release 2.33.0.

Looking forward · Cadet Attitude Survey 2019. The 2019 CFAV survey will focus on diversity and inclusivity issues as part of the ACF Step Change Project. More details on this survey, and how to take part will be published in May.

· ACF Cadet Executive Officers’ Conference. The 2019 conference will take place in St Omer Barracks, Aldershot on 30-31 May 2019. Details of this conference are being published through the RFCAs.

Find out more Defence Connect pages. Dedicated pages on Defence Connect are available for the ACF, CCF and Westminster. All CFAVs are encouraged to join these pages, as they are designed to promote information sharing and discussion. CFAVs are also able to post questions direct to these pages





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