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Having a Successful Contingent

Drop me a line if you would like to see a recent presentation by a headteacher on maintaining and growing a successful Contingent

The below is from Maj. Gray

Combined Cadet Force Headteachers’ Conference 27 February 2020

This is just a quick update. I attended the Headteachers’ Conference in Coventry in the presence of The Ron Hon Gavin Williamson CBE MP, Secretary of State for Education. The Workshops covered:

Overcoming challenges faced by schools to maintain, sustain and grow their Cadet Contingents Maximising the impact that the Cadet Experience has on the whole school. What can the Senior Leadership Teams and Senior Management Teams do to support the Contingent Commanders, Adult Volunteers and SSIs

The Central Presentations looked at:

The Impact of the CCF - Summary of Evidence from the University of Northampton. Establishing, maintaining and growing a successful CEP Contingent. Benefits of a mature and successful Contingent. The CCF – a personal experience. The Ofsted Perspective.

I have uploaded 3 presentations to our 11X Defence Gateway Share Point (I can send them by email, just request) , all these are worth reading and shown to the Headmaster and Senior Management Team of the School, Very interesting and showing the true impact of a successful CCF, not only for cadets, but CFAVs and the school in general

The Impact of the CCF, Summary of Evidence – Northampton University OFSTED - Education inspection framework: Inspecting the substance of education - David Storrie HMI Specialist Adviser Maintaining and growing a successful Contingent - Miss Aimee Mitchell – Headteacher, Isca Academy

I would just like to highlight some key points:

The Ron Hon Gavin Williamson CBE MP, Secretary of State for Education delivered a powerful speech, highlighted:

Civilian Employees are impressed in what the CCF delivers for our young people – Leadership, Team Spirit, Loyalty etc. CCF important plank that opens opportunities. The positive social impact of being a cadet. The SSI is a multi-task hero, key to success of the Contingent. The DoE are looking how they can help the SSI. CEP is a tremendous success story, increased numbers, but more importantly, more cadets having an opportunity to have a potential life changing experience. Enormous impact on inspiring young people. The CCF needs to be truly embedded into the school, self-sustaining, continue to grow and grow, the benefit to society are in creditably great. Big Thank you to everyone involved within the CCF for their commitment and dedication.

Some key Stats:

Prior to CEP the total percentage of cadets Independent 75% State 25% Post CEP Independent 40% State 60%

The presentation from Miss Aimee Mitchell – Headteacher, Isca Academy was uplifting and I would like to highlight some key points if Schools are to have a successful and sustainable CCF:

· Create awareness and buy-in from the Multi Academy Trusts, Local Authority, Governors, SMT, Staff, Students and the Community.

· Regular and open dialogue with the Contingent staff by the Head.

· Finding the Budget & Staffing.

· Regular review of provision and impact

· Heads, Governors and SMT - Show an interest and celebrate

· Having a strong SSI

· Creating ‘time’ for CFAV’s and Cadets

· The CCF is part of the school and community culture and system – not a ‘bolt on’

· The value of the CCF is regularly communicated and known by all

· Cost / benefit analysis is clear to all

· Sustainable ‘beyond the Headteacher

Happy to answer any further questions


R V Gray


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