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Sovereign's Day Tips from Mrs Grant

See the Events Page for a review of the Sovereign's Day Parade @ Sandhurst.

Lisa has provided some handy tips for anyone doing the next trip

For future visits here are some tips :

  • Do a kit inspection before you leave as we had a number of gaps to fill.

  • Be prepared to fill the evening slot - there was around 2 hours to fill even after uniform pressing (take at least 3 irons). We did a Sandhurst quiz based on guided tour and a couple of other games based around military equipment.

  • Fill water bottles at dinner and take extra snacks and drinks for the evening as there is no other opportunity to get tea/coffee etc unless you take your own kettle.

  • Make sure the cadets you take are very comfortable with drill and the IC is confident. Our cadets were often on show and acquitted themselves superbly but it would have been a struggle for anyone whose drill was lacking.

  • Warm kit for the evening as the heating is all turned off.

  • Toilet and shower arrangements are unusual and we didn’t realise until the Sandhurst guy had gone that it was effectively unisex. If you have male officers, ask if there is another bathroom to use. We had to manage carefully!

  • Definitely worth taking an ironing board

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Loving your work Mrs G

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